5 incredible camping gadgets


We’ve combed the internet to bring you these five “essential” camping gadgets, if you have a camping accessory you can’t live without let us know in the comments below.

We love gadgets

Some people love to go camping to get back to nature, feel the grass under their feet and experience something of the life our ancestors lead, whilst some people like recreate their living room in a field. Both approaches have their attractions so if you’re a lover of modcons you’ll be pleased to know you don’t need to leave the kitchen sink at home any more. And if your a rustic camper whose tired of squatting in bushes you should really take a look at the Shit Box.

The Folding Kitchen Sink

The Folding Kitchen Sink

Folding Kitchen Sink
Fastidious about dirty dishes? The latest in folding camp technology is the pop-up kitchen sink. It’ll hold up to 10 litres of water and won’t spill a drop due to it’s stainless steel stiffening ring. If you don’t fancy taking the domestic chores with you it’ll double up as the world’s smallest bath.

Solar Shower

Gelert Solar Shower

Gelert Solar Shower
Probably the worst thing about festivals is that feeling on day three when you roll out of a sticky tent in the clothes you fell asleep in with the only prospect of a wash some kind dirt of bath being ran by Oxfam. Well, feel filthy no more! Simply fill the pocket shower with water and allow to warm in the sun for a few hours. Tie it to a handy tree and you’ll have over 8 minutes of watery bliss.

The Shitbox

The Shitbox

The Shit Box
The charmingly named Shit Box or Ploo doesn’t require too much description. It’s a box you can satisfy the call of nature whilst satisfying the call of the wild.

If you follow me.

The Freeloader Pro

The Freeloader Pro

Freeloader Pro Solar Charger
After seeing the queues for the Orange phone charging tent at Glastonbury this year there must be a lot of frustrated mobile owners out there. Dodge the queues and save the planet by harnessing the power of sun with the Freeloader Pro Solar Charger. It’ll charge most gadgets in 1.5 hours, enough for 2.5 ciders at least.

The Notebook BBQ

The Notebook BBQ

Notebook BBQ
If you want to upgrade your disposable BBQ habit in 2010 the Notebook BBQ is a great way to avoid singing the grass whilst looking stylish. It’s folding ‘notebook’ mechanism makes the Notebook easy to store and carry, perfect for an impromptu chow-down.


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  • Reply July 22, 2009

    lindsey houghton

    I can comment on the freeloader i have a shiny pink one and it is fab charges all we have iPod ds tom tom phone etc etc i love it sit it in the sun load it up and plug it in how easy is that.
    The kitchen sink is also another must have its great had mine a while and it is great packs down small so i can always take my kitchen sink ha.
    The pocket shower a ingenious invention how cool a shower whenever you like great for those bad hair days yeah!!!.
    The @~#£ Box well one my other half would love what a funny little thing.
    Lastly the Barbegrill well have not actually got one yet but well i simply must have one and as my yearly outing is fast approaching i need to check the stockist out why have a gas bbq you may ask well why spend a fortune on your dream tent to then have it burnt my the bbq as we all are well lets face it not much good at getting it lit therefore we all need one of these.

  • Reply July 22, 2009


    @Lindsey houghton Glad you like the gadgets! Do you know any amazing camping gadgets we haven’t mentioned?

    And thanks for your camping review! Castlerigg Farm looks lovely. We’ll be in touch to get your address and send you a camping pack!

  • Reply August 15, 2009

    Paul Schubert

    My shitbox arrived! Haven’t tried it out yet, don’t think the neighbors would be impressed. It looks very sturdy though.

  • Reply August 24, 2009


    The Freeloader Solar Charger gets some terrible reviews on Amazon. The Globetrotter looks more useful as it has a bigger solar panel but even then it’s only useful if you are really nowhere near your car, which is a far better way to recharge phones and other gadgets. So for a festival or backpackers perhaps it’s a good idea but for family car campers it’s not. (In my opinion obviously) :-)

  • Reply August 24, 2009


    @in-a-tent True! Maybe we should start a campaign to leave the gadgets at home anyway…

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  • Reply July 12, 2010

    Quinton Quiet

    Saw the notebook bbq at a services yesterday, it was bigger than I expected! Also looks surprisingly sturdy so more of a goer than I thought.

    Gotta admit I love camping gadgets, probably comes from being a gadget nerd the rest of the year so when the sun is shining I need something battery powered to keep me quiet. And the misses… (down at the back!)

    With this weather I think I’m going to have to get a Freeloader, the iphone is power hungry but I’m on a good level with angry birds and can’t be away from it for more than five minutes.

    Not sure about the shit box though…

  • Reply February 9, 2011


    I love the notebook grill very nice for saving space on any outdoor adventure. Not sure about the S–tbox being that everyone wants there kids learning that kind of language, but good idea none the less. I am not sure about the charger either, isn’t that why we are camping to get away from electronic things and just live simply for awhile. Do we really need our phones and ipods on camping trips. lets just pitch a camping tent and have fun!

  • Reply April 28, 2011


    Hi all, Just a few quick thoughts about the notebook grills. We have had one of these, we used it only once during which time it distorted so badly that the grill rack no longer fitted and we could not close the thing back up when it had cooled. Now I guess that it could be that we used brickets rather than plain charcoal, which does tend to reach higher temperatures for longer or the fact that perhaps we would have been better off going for one made by Outwell as these seem to be made of heavier gauge metal.

    Oh and whilst I am about it, Solar Showers, they are a must must must try item for anyone who wants to experiance the most refreshing and oddly arousing sensation that is legal whilst in the woods.

    When we got our solar shower it was due to the fact that a busy bank holiday last minute get away meant that we could only get a pitch on a site with limited facilities. Grabbing the shower on route in an attempt to negate the wife’s obvious disapproval, along with an inflatable shower cubical, which she insisted on ! I didnt really hold out much hope for when the time came to put it into action. However, the squeal of delight that came from the brightly coloured orange and blue cubical that I had suspended from a nearby tree with the solar shower over head as the wife turned on the tap was a shock to say the very least. “You have got to try it” she beamed “its wonderful”. True enough having cheated and filled the shower with water from the kettle I jumped into the cubical, whipped of what I didnt want too get wet and turned on the tap and wow, forest floor, trees overhead, birds singing a gentle summer breeze and a hot shower, she was right it is wonderful.

  • Reply May 17, 2011


    What happened to the old dig a hole and burry it, sh~~ shovel from my scouting days. 5″ folder ideal.

  • Reply June 7, 2011


    Some of these gadgets are hilarious although I’m not sure I’d ever use a sh*tbox. I agree with Gary on the solar showers, they are amazing! For such a cheap buy they will make your camping holiday feel like a glamping one at a fraction of the cost.

  • Reply June 9, 2011


    Just found this site luv the design! I’m going camping for the first time this year and wanted to find some cool gadgets that will make my trip a little easier. Just ordered the solar charger… can’t live without my iphone lol. Hope it charges it!

    I was wonderinf what you’d recommend as the best camping gadget for 2011? I want something nobody of the campsite has seen before!!!

  • Reply July 7, 2011


    I’ve been looking for some camping gadgets like this for ages so thanks for putting this up.

    Just wanted to do a quick review of the camp shower! I bought one of these for Glastonbury and whilst it was muddy for the first few days when the sun came out on Sunday I quickly filled the bag with water and wacked it in the sun. Couple of hours later I had the most amazing shower of my life!

    After three days of festival grime I can’t recommend this baby enough!!!

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