Vango Photography Competition


We round up the week’s camping news and have a bumper issue to begin with. If you have any camping news tip us off at

Vango Photography Competition – Win a place in Vango’s history with their photography competition. I.e. save them the wedge of getting some publicity shots taken.

10 Best Irish Camping Sites – – There’s camping fun to be had at Carnfunnock.

Gadhafi camping in New Jersey? – CNN – How would you feel if Colonel Gadhafi pitched up in your garden? Personally I’d ask him if he is deliberately styling himself on a ex-heavy metal drummer.

Precision Camping – Men’s Health Airstream are launching a special “Victorinox Edition” packed with Swiss Army Gear. I know it’s a caravan but Airstreams are damn sexy.

Glamping as Vacation Trend – CBS NEWS: (video) Glamping has been jumped on during the slow news season,  here’s the American equivalent of This Morning dissecting glamping (glaaaaamping).

Green Living, Take your kids camping – Tips for taking the little darlings into the great outdoors. Alternatviely drop them off in the woods , sit back from a safe distance and watch it go all Lord of the Flies

Go ultralight with the Sierra Designs Zagori bivy sack – Nice review of the Zagori bivy sack. Think I’d feel a little claustrophobic in one of these, more of a yurt man really.

Camping Essential – Headlamp Menjournal Why the headlamp is dorky but also a little sexy.

MSR Flex 4 System Cookset Uncrate feature the Russian Doll like MSR Flex 4 System Cookset, pricey but a very sexy way to carry all the pots you’ll ever need.

Top 10 camping gadgets for geeks Bit Rebels gather ten camping gadgets for those who like technology with their canvas. Not for backpackers perhaps, they suggest packing a 29 pound generator.

Stuff White People Like – Camping Endlessly mocking the middle classes, Stuff White People Like turns it’s sights on camping.

Glamping: Its Time is Coming – – As Glamping is becoming the standard experience for campers, could tents replace hotels? We love glamping but would miss the mini-bars.

Camping with your Mac 2.0 – – Jason D. O’Grady takes his Mac outdoors…. Leave it at home! (iPhones don’t count)

Thanks to @thecampingforum for the Vango tip. If you have any interesting camping news let us know and we’ll link you up –

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