Robbie Love’s/Trenant Steading

Known locally as Robbie Love’s Campsite, Trenant Steading is based on the North Cornall Heritage Coast and for the less heritage inclined, a cult site for young surfers looking to catch the waves at Polzeath.

Robbie Love’s is the anti-Camping Club, facilities are a little rustic but who cares when you’ve drank your weight in alcopops?

Not a site to be bound by rules, Robbie Love’s is a true party site. Robbie doesn’t mind what you get up to, his is a cider.

Site Details

Robbie Love’s is so punk it doesn’t even have a website but for further info try Facebook

New Polzeath
St Minver
PL27 6SA

01208 869091

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5 Responses to “Robbie Love’s/Trenant Steading”

  1. Rohanna Says:

    we are looking to come and camp at the weekend, what facilites are at the campsite?! and how much would it be for 3 people and one small pop up tent!! :)

    thanks very much


  2. Harry Says:

    Basic but the site is awesome fun


  3. John Says:


    I am looking to organise a holiday away with my friends this summer, probably July time. I came across your website

    and I was wondering if a group of students (who will all be 16 years old) would be welcome at your campsite?

    Hope to hear from you soon,



  4. Sami Williams Says:

    Hi I would like to enquire about a seasonal stay with you for 2013 Please can I have a telephone number? Cheers Sami


  5. admin Says:

    Just to let everyone know we ARE NOT Robbie Loves, this is just a review! If you’d like to book please contact them direct on 01208 869091


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