Field Candy Tents

field candy tents

Field Candy Tents aim to inject some fun, colour and wit into our fields of uniformly dull canvas with their range of unashamedly hipster tents.

We’ve become used to laying out some serious money when glamping but how about on the bog standard two man? There has been some notable attempts by the big brands to make their tents more interesting but Field Candy are taking the concept to a new level, basing their entire business around a range of designer tents. Each tent is limited to a few hundred and has been created by a designers such as David Bowie artwork creator Terry Pastor.

A designer tent?

The designs range from the comparatively understated Rule Britannia to the garish Don’t be a Leopard. All the designs scream for attention and are at odds with the understated , naturally coloured teepees and bell tents that have been popular in 2011.

The tent itself is a traditional two man ridge tent with a 100% cotton inner sheet and an impressive build quality that is comfortably reflected in the price. A basic black model is £265, rising to £650 for a ‘Terry Pastor’. You’re truly paying for the designer label here, with over the half the price accounting for the picture on the flysheet. In the world of fashion this is normal practise but it’s new to camping, traditionally you spent more on a tent and you would get, well, a better tent! It will be interesting to see how these flysheets ‘fly’.

You could certainly get a lot more tent for your money if you went with a traditional brand but as camping’s popularity has soared the designer tent is a striking symptom of how ‘cool’ it has become. They may have missed a trick with no Glastonbury in 2012 to showcase their designs but we love (some of) the designs and hope we a see a bit more leopard print in our fields next season.