The Best Teepee Tents


Fancy camping in something a little different? Teepee tents will make you stand out on the campsite and offer a range of benefits including easy pitching and bags of space plus very easy to spot at a festival!

Teepee (also tipi, tepee and teepee) tents are instantly recognisable for their conical structure. Popularised by the Native Americans from the Great Plains, Teepees (also known incorrectly as a Wigwam) were traditionally made from animal skins and bark. But today you’re more likely to find a polycotton or polyester tipii that has additional mod cons. Modern tepees are relatively easy to pitch due to their single poll construction and their large sleeping capacities making them one of the cheapest ways to sleep up to twelve people.

Teepees make a great summer tent (most are single lined so not suitable for winter!), so as well as looking cool you’ll be sleeping cool.

We’ve rounded up a selection of the best…

Cath Kidston Cowboy Tepee Tent

The Cath Kidston Teepee Tent

The Cath Kidston Cowboy Teepee Tent

Cath Kidston have always had distinctive range of camping gear, and the The Cath Kidston Cowboy Tepee Tent proudly continues the trend. Teepees and glamping go hand in hand, there is nothing more luxurious than the image of a animal skin filled tent on the great plains and Cath Kidston have put their retro twist on this iconic style of tent.

The Cowboy Teepee will sleep up to three people and is considerably larger than it appears in the picture! A reg flag tops off the point making it a doddle to find at festivals and the cowboy print is a classic Cath Kidston touch. If you want to take the accessorising one step further they offer a matching sleeping bag. It’s only a single skin tent but it wears it’s summer leanings on it’s sleeve, anyone pitching up in Autumn would look rather out of place.

The Cath Kidston Cowboy Tepee is £75 from

Outwell Indian Lake Tipi Tent

The Outwell Indian Lake Tipi Tent

The Outwell Indian Lake

The current daddy of Tepee tents, don’t let the form factor fool (say that triple fast) you, the Outwell Indian lake is a serious tent. It will sleep up to six people and boasts four panoramic windows with roll down curtains. The Tepee form is not just for show with the roof vent creating a cooling affect.

An adjoining porch is a useful feature with a detachable bathtub groundsheet and it will pitch flysheet first or as one, supported by just one telescopic alloy poll. The tent stands at over three meters high and has two bedrooms with an adjoining living area. It’s not going to be suitable for a extreme camping expedition and at 36kg it’s fairly heavy but the cotton canvas will make it a great summer tent.

If you looking for a Teepee that will serve as a general purpose family tent with style, the Outwell Indian Lake is good bet.

The Indian Lake is £749.99 from Amazon

NORDISK Cotton teepee tent SIOUX 12

The Nordisk Soux

The Nordisk Soux

The Nordisk Cotton tepee tent is another serious cotton canvas tent that will sleep up to twelve (!) people. A more traditional design than the Indian Lake, the Nordisk Sioux consists of a single suspended poll with one large sleeping area giving it an impressive weight of 12kg for such a large capacity tent.

There is no groundsheet and it’s a single skin so like most modern Teepees it’s best suited to one season camping. But if you’re looking for a modern light weight teepee with high quality materials and a more classic design than the Indian Lake the Nordisk Sioux could be the Teepee for you.

The Nordisk Sioux is £498 from

Skandika Tipii 300

The Skandika Tipii 300

The Skandika Tipii 300

We previously featured The Skandika Tipii 300 and it’s still one of the best budget teepees available. Again it’ll sleep up to twelve and has a single skin with a  central poll. There are reports online of slightly dubious build quality (the central poll snapped in high winds) but at a fraction of the cost of some teepees the Skandika is worth a look if you will be camping only in the high season.

The Skandika Tipii 300 is £179 from

Tesco 12 Man Teepee

Tesco 12 Man Teepee

Tesco 12 Man Teepee

Another good budget option from Tesco, the new frills 12 man teepee is part of their camping gear range and the cheapest in our roundup at £143. Very similar in size and weight to the Skandika the Tesco is slightly cheaper and has a built in window.

Whilst we prefer the classic white of the Skandika the Tesco is a great option if you’re looking for a reliable budget tent.

The Tesco 12 Man Teepee is £179 from

Vango Peace Tipi 800

The Vango peace Tipi 800

The Vango peace Tipi 800

The Peace Tipi 800 is an 8 man polycotton tepee from the ever reliable Vango. As a polycotton tent the Peace Tipi 800 is breathable which if we have another scorching summer could make the Peace Tipi 800 a great festival option. The lack of shade at festivals makes hot weather camping a chore, so this single skin, easy to pitch Teepee is a great choice if you’re heading to Glastonbury this summer. Fingers crossed on the weather!

The Peace Tipi 800 is £182 from