The Family Camping Cookbook


When I first picked up the Family Cookbook and thumbed through the different types of recipes I initially felt that they were all a bit too fancy for our family style of camping; but after a proper look and after reading ‘about the book’ I definitely changed my mind!

“Cooking in the big outdoors is one of life’s greatest pleasures and it’s an indisputable fact that food taste better outside. While tinned soups and barbecued sausage have their place, a collection of simple, inspiring and delicious recipes such as these can transform the culinary camping experience.”

Mothers Know Best

From a mothers point of view I got rather enthusiastic turning each page to each new recipe. I do think all the hype in the media about ‘healthy eating’ puts a lot of pressure on today’s parents to provide good nutritious meals for their family. This book however has plenty of well balanced healthy dishes, and makes the most out of quick easy ‘grab’ foods, which is what you want when camping.

My Kids always like to eat outdoors weather permitting; and would often wonder around the campsite with a burger in hand, so I like the idea of recipes like the Mexican Chicken Wraps, Campfire Quesadilla Calzone, Fruit Kebabs, and the Chapattis with Fruit Salad and Honey as all of these can be eaten ‘on the move’.

Most kids think that they are missing out on something if they have to sit down and eat at the table often saying they are full, so they can go off and play with their new found camping buddies! I would be happy seeing them walking around showing off these culinary delights advertising the fact that I was a modern mother providing yummy healthy nutritious meals for my clan!

Using the Book

All of the dishes can be cooked on a gas stove, barbecue or open fire which gives you a lot of scope for every different type of camping trip. You forget that there are so many foods that can be barbecued outdoors other than your standard burgers and sausages!

There are plenty of recipes to choose from and you can adapt them for those ‘fussy kids’ too.The most helpful bit about this book are the meal planners located in the front of each section giving you a sample menu for the weekend for both older and younger kids. The shopping list is fantastic and can guarantee you pack just the right ingredients.


I think this book offers every type of Family some great tasty healthy dishes for their holiday or even at home.The Easton family has created a lovely book with fantastic photography; not only of the yummy recipes but of their gorgeous family too (giving the Oliver’s a run for their money!). The book is compact and lightweight with a hardwearing cover and should be a necessity for any camping family this summer.

The Family Cookbook by Tiff & Jim Easton is released in April 2012.


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    Ooh – that looks really interesting – I’m planning a load of weekend, food-based, camping trips out of London this summer, so may have to try and get my hands on a copy.
    Could you recommend any camping stoves?

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    I’ve not read this book yet, but we upgraded from the same old campsite food a long time ago – no longer trying to heat things on a small gas stove or the disposable BBQ, and can certainly vouch that you can cook really great meals on camp.
    We’ve been using a dutch oven for a few years now (more info here if you don’t know what it is
    Cowboy Stew is a favorite, along with some breakfasts you can make in it.
    We’ve also given the old Bannock ago over the fire, and pocket pizzas are good.
    For pudding, try bananas with chocolate inserted, wrap in foil, and leave to warm by the fire. Believe me, these are really good even if you’re not a great fan of bananas.

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