Vintage style camping gear


Vintage style camping equipment is officially chic, brands like Cath Kidston and glamping have made camping cool so we’ve tracked down some of the best tents, accessories and gadgets that will add a little vintage luxury to your campsite.

Cath Kidston Cowboy Waterproof Camping Rug

Cath Kidston Cowboy Camping Blanket

The waterproof Cath Kidston Cowboy Camping rug suits our wet weather whilst remaining stylish. The cowboy print matches the tee pee tent and will keep you dry whatever the British summer throws at us.

£20.00 from Cathkidston

Real Canvas Bell Tent

Real Canvas Bell Tent

If you want to sleep stylishly and comfortably the Real Canvas Bell Tent by Pearl and Earl is a gorgeous 100% cotton canvas tent that sleeps up to eight people (or a similar version for up to 6) and yet packs down into a small canvas bag.

It will feel cool on a summers day and warm in winter as the natural cotton breathes yet is water, mould and UV resistant for up to 60 weeks of constant use.

£480 from Notonthenightstreet

Stanley Classic Vacuum Flask

Stanley Classic Vacuum Flask

Invented in 1913, the all-steel Stanley Classic Vacuum Flask comes in classic British racing green whilst being iconically American. It will keep your drinks cold as well as warm and do it in some style.

The flask boasts a lifetime guarantee and an unbreakable Char-vac barrier to prevent breakages. It’ll even take ice cubes!

£26 from John Lewis

Concept Safari Picnic Backpack


If you would like to add a splash of real luxury to your next camping trip whilst remaining practical the Concept Safari Picnic Backpack is a lightweight way to carry a four person picnic set. The PVC leak proof liner protects food and the acti-cool lining will keep your delicious food safe.

The backpack contains a full set of plates, cutlery, bowls, win glasses, a table cloth and even a cruet set! Bon appetit!

£95 from John Lewis

Recycled Sailcloth Windbreak

Recycled Sailcloth Windbreak

A unique vintage item, The Recycled Sailcloth Windbreak is made from a real sail making each one completely unique! Every Windbreak is hand assembled to order with the ability to personalise your sail with two numbers and the amount of panels you require. With a nod to modernity the windbreak even contains an iPod pocket!

£120 from NotOnTheHighStreet

Kelly Kettle Storm Kettle

Large 'Base Camp' Kelly Kettle

The Kelly Kettle Storm Kettle is a fun and stylish way to efficiently boil water when camping. Invented in Ireland around one hundred years ago the Storm Kettle has seen service in World War One, remote beaches, mountains, jungles and camp-sites.

Not only is the Storm Kettle efficient, is a beautiful object that will bring a little military chic to your campsite.

£47 from

Light my Fire Firesteel

Light My Fire Firesteel

Created for the Swedish Army, the Light my Fire Firesteel will create a 3,000°C spark that makes lighting a fire easy in any weather. But most importantly you will look and feel a lot more stylish and vintage than using the petrol station lighter that only works if you shake it first.

£9.98 from

Carry on Camping Tea Towel


Ignore the association with the Carry on the Film, the Carry on Camping tea towel is an altogether more stylish item. Designed by Ruby May in London and available in a fetching purple and green the tea towel is 100% natural cotton. Good for washing the dishes or hanging on the wall!

£7 from NotOnTheHighStreet