Winter Proofing your Caravan


If you are storing your caravan in hibernation for the winter, taking certain precautions can guarantee your beloved motor home is ready for use again when spring arrives.  Looking after your caravan enables you to spontaneously set off to your favourite holiday site as soon as the weather brightens up.

Winterise the Plumbing

If your caravan manual states it is safe to do so – you can use anti-freeze fluid to prevent the pipes from freezing during harsh temperatures.  Remember to disconnect the outside water source before anything else – the water could dilute the anti-freeze and its effectiveness.

Remove the Batteries

Any batteries inside the caravan, such as the 12v engine battery, need to be removed and babied.  Get rid of any residue with a quick clean and top up the battery fluid if necessary.  Store all batteries in a cool and dry place before reusing.

Tidy Up

Take out any soft fabrics and furniture as moisture can cause mould to grow on these when neglected.  Get rid of all crumbs or leftover food to keep rodents away and prevent uncomfortable scents from developing.


Though ventilation is important, closing everything up tight can cause wooden cupboards to warp – leave smaller drawers partly open.  Equally, sealing up all pipes to block entry points for animals can cause a lack of air flow – use meshes or nets instead.


The last and most essential line of defence for your winter-bearing caravan is caravan insurance.  Winter damage may or may not be something you are covered for so discussing this with a motorhome specialist is vital.

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